Meet The Teacher FREE Worksheet! Great for Back to School!

Have you been hesitating about how to start out introductions this coming school year? What should you share? Email, print, blog? How do you connect to your students and their families? Well, Guayaba’s Lesson Plans has come up with one resource to help you solve some of those problems: Our Meet The Teacher FREE Editable Worksheet.

This FREE resource is very simple and easy to use. We have included three sections for you to fill out, as well as some sheets with no section titles at all so you can adjust them for your needs!

But what if you want to print them out? That is quite a bit of color ink! Well, we also have greyscale and light ink options available for you to use!

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A Teacher’s Purpose

The day of my college graduation ceremony all I can remember is crying. There are plenty of pictures to recollect my family’s glee, the joy I saw in my classmates and the pride on my teacher’s faces. All I remember when I think about that day, however, is crying. Why was I crying you make ask?  Because on the day of my college graduation I had decided that, after five years of preparing and studying, I no longer wanted to be a teacher.  Continue reading “A Teacher’s Purpose”