About me

This is me!
The Guayaba Herself

My husband often talks about the three loves I have in my life: my students, my dogs and him… in that order. This, of course, is in jest… or is it? Truth be told, I spend most of my time thinking about my kids, planning for my kids, with my kids or talking about my kids. Now, let’s be honest… don’t you?

Well, my name is Jamie and I hail to you from the middle of the Earth (Ecuador).  I have been officially a teacher for the last seven years, though I have volunteered in teaching situations for the last fifteen.  I might be a slow learner because it took me this time to realize that if the perfect teaching resource isn’t available to me, then I have to make it available. After teaching myself some Illustrator and beginning to dig deep, here I am sharing my thoughts and products with you. I can’t wait to keep in touch and learn from all the wonderful educators out there!


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